PhoneAddress Get things delivered wherever you are.

A new service turning your phone into an address.

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Tracks your exact location

Everything starts with your exact location. You can get things delivered wherever you are. In a park, on a rooftop, on a boat, at the beach, at a concert of Justin Bieber (we don’t judge).

And the best part is: You don’t have to stay at the place where you’ve ordered. The pin moves with you wherever you go. So from now on, you don’t have to wait at home until the delivery guy finally arrives. We keep track of your location.

Choose what you want

You can choose what you want & what is available in the app. We’ll start with the delicious food of the restaurants Balls ‘n Glory & Lucy Chang. You’ll be able to select from different dishes & drinks. We picked the most popular dishes from both restaurants for your comfort. We hope you'll like them. Later this year other restaurants and other kinds of deliveries will follow.

Order & pay on delivery

We don’t want to complicate the payment process for now. You order, receive your food or parcel & pay directly to the delivery guy. You’ll be able to pay by cash & credit card. Don’t forget to rate the restaurant afterwards!

Supplier gets alerted

When someone sent his order, the supplier or restaurant gets notified immediately. The delivery will be initiated, based on the type of product. For food, an immediate delivery is standard.

Delivery arrives

The delivery guy follows the exact location on his app. The person that ordered gets to see an approximate delivery time as well.

Handing over the goods

When the delivery guy comes within a range of 100 meters, a photo of the delivery guy appears on screen. The delivery guy himself gets to see a photo of the person that ordered. An easy way to recognize each other.

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How it works

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  • Balls & Glory
  • Lucy Chang
  • Royal Delivery

Other partners coming soon...